Internet resource list

Michif Resources

Michif Language Facebook group

A Facebook group dedicated to discussing all things related to Michif and other Métis languages.

Michif lessons podcast

A series of audio lessons that provide a basic introduction and grammatical overview of Michif. See also the practice tapes and grammar guide on this website.

Gabriel Dumont Institute’s Michif Tools

The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture provides a number of resources for the Michif language, including a dictionary, interactive lessons, a smartphone app, and extensive interviews with elders in both Southern and Northern (Ile-a-la-Crosse) Michif.

Gabriel Dumont Institute’s Michif Dictionary

A searchable dictionary, including audio recordings of each word.

Featuring introductory language lessons, videos, and cultural information.

Ota Nda Yanaan

Meaning “We are here” in Michif, this website is a visually stunning interactive look at the Métis community of Camperville, Manitoba, which you can explore and learn Michif words along the way.

learnmichif on YouTube

Videos of interviews with Métis elders and videos of Michif conversations (scroll all the way to the bottom).

michifspeaker on YouTube

Short videos of phrases taught by elder Grace Zoldy.

Learn Michif by Listening (archived)

A large series of phrase and word lists on a variety of topics in Michif.

Métis Culture & Heritage Resource Centre, Inc: Michif language lessons (archived)

Ten lessons of Michif vocabulary, sentences, and exercises.

Other Metis languages

Manitoba Métis Federation on YouTube

Features a number of video examples of Michif-French.

Métis Nation of Ontario: Michif

Features video and audio recordings of Michif-French as well as a workbook with lists of words and practice exercises.

Cowichan Valley Métis Michif Language Project

This site has several animated videos teaching basic words in Michif-Cree.

Michif Legacy Project

This site has videos and interactive games teaching Michif-French.

Sakitawak Cultural Site

Word and phrase list with audio recordings in the Ile-a-la-Crosse dialect of Michif-Cree.