Michif is not as hard to pronounce as it may seem. The problem is, everyone spells it differently. Some people spell it like English, where stuff can be spelt one way at one time then different later, or some people spell it with phonetic symbols, which are hard to read if you’re not a linguist.

Personally, I like a system that’s spelt how it sounds, which doesn’t fit English. So, below is the table I will be using to spell out Michif.

a- between above and father
aaas in father
e – as in met
ee – as in late 
i- as in if
ii- as in eat
o- as in boat
oo – in between boaand boot
u- as in shoe
eu- like the French eu, roughly like heard in a stereotypical British accent
ae- as in cat

B, D, F, H, L, M, N, S, V as in English
K, P, T – pronounced softer, more unaspirated than English (without the puff of air after the letter)
G- always pronounced as in good
J, Zh- like in azure
R- pronounced as flap or trill (like Spanish pero)

hk- a breathy h, or like in Bach
ht- a breathy h, or like in stink
hp- a breathy h, or like in fun

ñ – nasal as in French, sounds kind of like an m or ng  (noñ sounds kind of like nong)


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