Nouns in Michif almost always come from French. Li garsoñ is the same as French le garçon. Both mean boy. However, they are a little bit different.

Michif nouns have two “genders”: masculine, and feminine. Some examples:

Li garsoñ – the boy
La fiythe girl
Lii zañfañ – the kids

You always have to use the definite article (the li, la, lii, which mean “the”) when you use adjectives before a noun. To make a noun plural, you don’t do anything to the noun, you just change the article to lii.

Lii zyeu verThe green eyes
Sañk lii sezFive chairs (“five the chairs”)

All Michif nouns are also either animate or inanimate. “Living” nouns, like man, girl, dog, and horse are all animate, but some seemingly inanimate objects are animate too–like socks. It’s important to know if a noun is animate or inanimate because it determines which demonstrative (words like “this” and “that”) and which kind of verb to use.


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  1. Am looking for the translation of the following words and am wondering if you might be able to help me:
    wisdom, respect, love, bravery, humility, honesty, truth
    Thank you!

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