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#2: What is that?

In this lesson: Gender and articles Animacy and demonstratives Yes-No Questions In Michif, nouns have two qualities: gender and animacy. The first comes from French and is shown in the article. There are definite articles (THE shirt) and indefinite articles (A shirt), and a masculine and feminine gender. The Michif articles are as follows: la […]

“Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” Song in Michif

Tet, nipol, zhnu pi pyii (zhnu pi pyii!) Tet, nipol, zhnu pi pyii (zhnu pi pyii!) Zyeu pi zarey pi bush pi nii, Tet, nipol, zhnu pi pyii (zhnu pi pyii!) Vocabulary: la tet – the head oshtikwann – his head li nipol – the shoulder li zhnu – the knee lii pyii – the […]

Fun Michif Words

I’ve just acquired the book Metis Legacy II, which contains a lot of great information about Metis history and culture, including some info on the Michif language and some interesting words, which I shall share with you. I don’t know the etymology of all of these, so some will be written in a less phonetic […]