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#1: Intro to Michif

This is the first of the Michif lessons that I am making. They are intended mostly to present the grammar and a basic vocabulary in a way that can be understood by non-linguists, since most existing Michif resources are either extremely basic and phrase-based or extremely academic. A written course will never make you fluent […]


So the first thing you should always learn in a language is how to greet people. In Michif, the important word is Tanshi. Tanshi – Hello! Tanshi kiya? – How are you? To ask more than one person, say: Tanshi kiyawaw? Then say “I’m fine”: Nimiyó ayan. Also you can ask people their names by […]


Yes, weather is boring, but you will need to talk about it eventually. Besides, weather was very important historically to the Métis, who often held the job for the Europeans as voyageurs and travelers. So these are some basic sentences about li taañ: Taanshi  ee-ishi-kiishikaak? – How’s the weather? Taanshi li taañ? – How’s the […]