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More on Michif Verbs

It’s finals week here at the University of Chicago and I am supposed to be studying for my linguistics exam, which of course means that it is time for me to procrastinate by blogging about Michif! In this post I’d like to go over a few more details about verbs, beyond their conjugations. A lot […]

Transitive Animate Verbs, part 3

Last bit on the VTA! (Marsi a li Bon Jeu, it’s almost over!) wapam– “to see someone” imperative To one person: waapamin – see me! waapaminaan – see us! waapam – see him/her/zir! waapamik – see them! waapamim – see them (other people!) To multiple people: waapamik – see me! waapaminaan – see us! waapam […]

Transitive Animate Verbs, part 2

Here are the conjunct forms of VTA. To conserve space, I will not be including the “(as)” like I did in other conjunct paradigms, but rest assured that it is still implied. waapam– “to see someone” – non-third independent order ee-wapamiyen – you see me ee-waapamiyehk – you all see me ee-waapamiyaahk – you see […]

Transitive Animate Verbs, part 1

These are the most complicated of Michif’s verbs. To make them a bit less so, I’ve divided them into a few categories used by linguists. The verbs distinguish between third person and non-third, so the categories are 1) forms where both the subject and object are non-third person (I, you, we) 2) forms where either […]

Transitive Inanimate Verbs (VTI)

These are verbs that have an animate subject and an inanimate object. wapaht- “to see it” – Independent order niwaapahten – I see it kiwaapahten – you see it waapahtam – s/he sees it niwaapahtenaan – we (excluding you) see it kiwaapahtenaan – we (including you) see it kiwaapahtenawaaw – you all see it waapahtamwak […]

Animate Intransitive Verbs (VAI)

These are verbs that have an animate subject but no object. For instance, “I wake up,” “she sleeps,” “we are bored.” nipaa- “sleeps” – Independent order ninipaan – I sleep kinipaan – you sleep nipaaw – he/she/zie sleeps ninipaanaan – we (excluding you) sleep kinipaanaan – we (including you) sleep kinipaawaaw – you all sleep […]

Michif verbs

There are certain qualities of Michif verbs that are very important. These include animacy, transitivity, obviate, and the three orders. The first is animacy. In Michif, everything is either animate or inanimate. Usually this translates to either being alive or not alive, but there are some exceptions. Verbs with animate subjects have different conjugations than […]