About Michif

Michif is one of the languages of the Métis people. Literally just a Métis pronunciation of the word “Métis,” Michif usually refers to the mixed language born of French nouns and Cree verbs (plus a little extra English and Saulteaux) which is spoken throughout mainly North Dakota, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Called “Southern Michif” by some language advocates, it is just one of the languages sometimes called Michif–others include Michif-Cree, Northern Michif or Ile-a-la-Crosse Michif, and Michif-French.

About the administrator

My name is Kai and I am Métis, born and raised in northeastern Wisconsin. I have connections to both Great Lakes and Red River communities (family names: LaRocque, LaPlante, Landry, Beaudoin), as well as to the Polish-American communities of Wisconsin and Chicago. I am a current college student who hopes to work on revitalizing our Michif language. I started this blog as a teenager to document my journey. My knowledge of Michif comes from community resources, linguistics papers, and listening to elders. I have some background in formal linguistics and have also studied Anishinaabemowin and Plains Cree.

I also run a blog about indigenous history, my other passion, here.


To contact me for any reason, please email: michifblog@gmail.com


  1. Taanshi! Dale ndishinikaason, pii British Columbia ndohchiin. niishta miina aeñ Michif, li nor l’Alberta ohchi, pii trwaa zitii paasii la shaans ngii-ayaan chii-kishkinohamikaashon li michif. Waapahtamaani kaa-kashkihtaman chii-piikishkweyen aañ Michif, pii mawachi ekwanima, kaa-kii-kishkinohamaashoyen peyako, ndaweyihten chii-mohchi-piikishkwatitoyaahk apishish! mccreery at uvic dot ca.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I’m now following you and I’ve added your blog to my Métis bloggers page at http://www.metisraconteaur.com.
    Thanks, Susan

    1. Just realized I’ve made an error in spelling: http://www.metisraconteur.com

  3. I stumbled onto your site while looking for books on Michif. We are in the process of proving a Metis community still exists and has existed in southwestern Ontario in Canada. It would seem that Michif has always been spoken in our area but we didn’t know it. We all just thought it was a kind of French slang. With a bit of research done we’ve found that what our grandmothers and grandfathers spoke was actually Michif. If it’s okay I would like to refer your site to my mom (she is the “elder” of the Fiddle and Sash Association in southwestern Ontario). Perhaps we can get some communication going if that’s okay with you. Thanks

  4. Very cool Kai. My name is Miguel (I’m not Spanish. I was adopted), and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba. My Métis ancestors are from the Red River Valley and eventually settled in St. Ambroise Manitoba (Lavallee Family). I am just starting to learn Michif and came across your blog. Keep up the great work! Miguel Lecuyer

  5. Hello Kai – I believe I linked to your site on a “word of the week” post I made on my blog some time ago for information about learning michif. You might be interested in joining https://www.facebook.com/groups/FCCAGL/ which is full of people who would be interested in hearing about a young person learning the traditional Metis language of the Great Lakes. Hope to see you there!
    James LaForest

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